In this chest-thumping, pep-talking Domino's ad, various employees such as product innovation managers and EVP of operations talk about trying things, and failing, which brings them to better. It's a feel-good message that reminds me of W+K's "Fail harder" mural of yore and countless self-help books. And it made me sigh deeply.

You see, they talk about failure, and the only fail shown is the woman's cookie pizza. I can hear the internet outrage rumbling in the distance now. It'll predictably be: "THE ONLY FAIL EXAMPLE IS A WOMAN'S OMG" and sadly not "YOU DON'T MAKE COOKIE PIZZA WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?" because yo, that's genius. I'm off to Labrokes to bet on this ending up as an example of sexist advertising on Jezebel by Monday. Ta-ta!

Client: Domino's