Domino's pizza (unbranded) - The Techno Chicken - (2008) 1:47 (Australia)

ad agency: The Campaign Palace, Sydney

Georgia Arnott, Creative Director
Jon Burden, Creative Director
Jacqui Gillies, Agency Producer
Anna Stuart @ Flying Fish NZ, Producer
Director : Luke Savage @ Flying Fish NZ
Puck Murphy, DoP
Puck Murphy, Editor
Prod. Co. : Flying Fish NZ
Music: Oli Chang @ Nylon
Track: Oli Chang @ Nylon
Exec Producer: Mark Beckhous @ Nylon
Team Leader: Tracey Burns
Account Manager: Charmaine Bingwa, Fish Tea Bag
Strategic Planner: Carrie Booth

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Well, alrighty then.
It's a bit long...and headache-making after the, oh, 43 second.