The animations tell us that throughout history, it was PMSing women that caused all the trouble. Apple in the garden of Eden? Because PMS. Trojan horse? Because PMS. "Let them eat cake"? Because PMS. The idea being that you can download an app that warns you when PMS is going to happen, so that you may be prepared with roses, or more likely, a box of chocolates. There's another catch, Donnamag is a PMS relief supplement, and this is an ad for that. Did you know that 80% of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome, but many of them don't take anything against it? Yep. Good, for a moment there I thought this was just an app that warned men of PMS and was going to get cranky about it. *checks own app* Ooooh. Maybe I should take something for this.

* sidenote, this reminds me of the Equalityzone aninations made for MTV back in the day.

Client : Sanofi Aventis Agency : Publicis Italy Production H-57 Executive Creative Directors : Bruno Bertelli and Cristiana Boccassini Art Director : Giorgio Garlati, Azeglio Bozzardi and Hana Kovacevic Copywriter : Sara Pollini and Graziano Nani Account Director : Teresa Donvito Strategist : Mattia Orso Mangano Agency Producer : Renato Biancardi Account team : Giulia Rendo Digital project manager: Mauro Ceppi Visual Identity & Animation: Shortology by H-57 Production company: H-57 Developing agency: Razorfish Media agency: Zenith Optimedia
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