The new Most Interesting Man is back. What interesting things are they doing this time? Not things. Just one thing. And that's eatin' chili peppers. Because Cinco De Mayo.“Attending his Cinco de Mayo party, requires signing a release form.” Like the kind they offer at Jake Melnicks in Chicago or your local hot wing equivalent. The whole premise is not very...interesting. In fact, if you strip away the beautiful cinematography and locale, this is something bros at your local fraternity do on a regular Thursday night.
We've gone from having shooing your pet cheetah out of the kitchen while you cook to seeing how many peppers you can eat-- with beer to wash it down!

One Youtube comment summed it up like this: "The original Most Interesting Man was a guy you could look up to. This new Most Interesting Man is a guy you look forward to drinking with." I'm not sure I look forward to drinking with him as he's no longer very interesting. Are you really going to hang on this guy's words? And then, my friends. I ate another pepper. Yes. Another one.

Not so much. For those of you who might have forgotten the new most interesting man does have an interesting lady friend, too. And she's back, as well. Her sole contribution to the spot is grabbing a pepper at the end, and reassuring everyone she still exists.
In the next spot, The Most Interesting Man will go to The Big Texan to conquer their 72 ounce steak. Stay thirsty, or something.

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