Dove Real Beauty Sketches - #Balls - (2014) 2:37 (USA)


Dove Real Beauty Sketches - #Balls - (2014) 2:37 (USA)

The Dove Real Beauty sketches has been spoofed so many times now, that I've lost count. Portal-A could not leave it alone though, and went ahead making Dove real beauty for balls, where men describe their testicles to a sketch artist. Their balls are more beautiful than they think. While it's funny, and Portal-A make entertaining content for today, it's a shame that this isn't actually tied to a prostate cancer awareness group. Feels like a missed opportunity.

Dove might sneer at their trademarked logo the golden Dove being used, with balls, at the end. That's not so cool.

Project: "Dove Real Beauty Sketches Balls"
Created by: Portal-A

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