Downy "Forever Downy" (2013) :30 (USA)


Downy "Forever Downy" (2013) :30 (USA)

For music fans, the slow disintegration of a concert t-shirt is a sad inevitability. Though the song remains, all cotton must fade. You lose a tangible part of that experience and everything that went with it. Thankfully there's Downy to help prolong that t-shirt.

How I wish they would have turned this into an extended content piece rather than a 30 second spot with actors. It's a really smart insight. Clothes are memories we wear.

The day I had to throw away my Guided By Voices shirt was a very sad day indeed. How much more effective this would have been had turned this into a mini-documentary. They could have even set up Downy sponsored music tours, or a digital merch table selling those shirts. Remember, kids, musicians need all the help they can get.

Beyond the soft-focus lens and "Downy helps clothes" messaging the only extra insights I get out of this spot are that hipster dudes remain hipsters even after they're parents and that apparently someone at Grey (or Downy) is an Alphaville fan. *Shudder*

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Title: Forever Downy
Brand: Downy
Creative Agency: Grey Worldwide New York
Executive Creative Director: Alice Ericsson
ACD/Copywriter: Anne Stesney
ACD/Art Director: Natsuko Bosaka
VP EP: Judi Nierman
Producer: Jimmy Wade
Production Company: Community Films
Director: Pam Thomas
Executive Producers: Lizzie Schwartz, Carl Swan
Director of Photography: Jim Frohna
Line Producer: Elena Halvorson
Production Designer: Hank Mann
Editorial: Union Editorial
Editor: Laura Milstein
Producer Sarah Mills
Music: Pulse covering Alphaville’s “Forever Young”

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I like the touch that there's band-posters on the wall among the framed kid handprints.

the whole thing is shot beautifully. how she goes from making out to preggerz doing the laundry is cute.

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