This campaign is for Partnership for a Healthier America, a non-profit that fights childhood obesity epidemic in America. It tries to equate drinking water with staying in shape, somehow, but the thing is, Einstein wasn't known for being in shape, he was known for being smart. Let's say water had a loose connection.

Jim Elliott: Chief Creative Officer, Y&R NY
Mike Wente: Executive Creative Director, VML NY
Bruce Jacobson: Creative Director, Y&R NY
Alan Vladusic: Creative Director, Y&R NY
Harsh Kapadia: Senior Art Director, VML NY
Alice Thomas: Senior Copywriter, VML NY
Letitia Jacobs: Executive Director of Content Production, Y&R NY
David Mindel: Senior Graphic Designer, Y&R NY
Loni Pont: Art Buyer
Abby Bralove: Assistant Producern


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