Millions of people die from drinking unsafe water every year. A godo majority of those people simply don't know that the water is unsafe to drink. Education is key to changing this.

Water is life went one step further.

They developed a book that is a water filter capable of removing 99.9% of bacteria. More than that, the book also educates people in developing nations about proper hygiene and sanitation. The filter costs only pennies to produce. Each filter can give someone 30 days of clean water and a book can last for four years.

As if that weren't enough, the book only costs pennies to produce.

How many of these things can we start ordering?

This bunch of awesomeness was developed with the help of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Virginia.

Client: WaterisLife DDB New York Matt Eastwood: CCO

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  • kurtberengeiger's picture

    This is without a doubt worth a TED Prize. At least.

    May 02, 2014
  • Dabitch's picture

    At the very least. This should be showered in awards, if they enter the right ones.

    May 02, 2014