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Pepsi - Kings Court / Respect - (2012) :60 (USA)

Pepsi - Kings Court / Respect  - (2012) :60 (USA)

Melanie Amaro, the X FACTOR 2011 winner sings a retooled version of "Respect" to Sir Elton John, the "King of rock" who gives Pepsi only to those he approves us. He sends the others down the hole. Melanie has other plans, she wants Pepsi for all.


Wäpnö - "Tugga Gräs" (Chew grass) by Wäpnö Drängar (Wäpno boys) - (2011) Sweden

Wäpnö -  "Tugga Gräs" (Chew grass) by Wäpnö Drängar (Wäpno boys) - (2011) Sweden

Can't be bothered translating the (rather funny) lyrics, but they're rapping about organic farming, locally produced and making milk products.


Orangina - L'Ours Orangina vs La Bimbo - SERIAL PLAQUEUR - (2011) :30 (France)

Orangina - L'Ours Orangina vs La Bimbo - SERIAL PLAQUEUR - (2011) :30 (France)

The creative posse Fred & Farid are turning up the weird on Orangina again. Hit up Facebooks french Orangina page and you too can play along. In this clip, the serial plaquer tackles a bimbo walking down the street.


Carlsberg - Bikers Cinema Stunt

Carlsberg - Bikers Cinema Stunt

Carlsberg and Duval Guillaume decide to pull a prank on unsuspecting movie going couples. They filled the cinema with the baddest boys around, and left only two seats in the middle empty.

RAW like the sashami of RUM
Filtered once for every finger you got

Bundaberg Five - Dolphin Sex / One Arm - print , Australia

Forget Old Spice's sea captain, the truly wild men of the sea have stories that will make your toes curl, dolphin sex, and lost limbs to sea creatures too horrific to be mentioned. These manliest of men (and zoophiles to boot) are clear spirits with character so of course their drink is as well. This ain't no nancy drink.

Remember the site www.dolphinsex.org? The creator let it lapse and the domain now redirects to a Groupon-ad. Seemed appropriate.


Bulmers Cider - Tonya Harding, Titanic, Walt Disney & the Ice Age - print

Bulmers dust off Tanya Harding & Titanic jokes, defrost Walt Disney and quip that Dinosaurs might have stuck around the Ice Age if their beer existed back then. Ho-kay. I'm kinda thirsty after these dry jokes now. I keed. ;)


Heineken - This is the Game / Rugby world cup 2011

Heineken - This is the Game / Rugby world cup 2011

Oooh. Three of my favorite things in one ad, men in kilts, rugby, and men built like redwood trees wearing tiny shorts slamming into each other on the field. Oh right, that's rugby.


Fancy drowning in a Newcastle Brown Ale? Trapped in a schooner optical illusion

Fancy drowning yourself (if not your sorrows) in a Newcastle Brown Ale? If you're anywhere near the Del Mar Race Track in California, there's an 8 feet high schooner placed at the entrance of the track for fans to drown themselves in. It's a neat optical illusion, where if you stand in the right place to take a picture, it looks like you're in the glass. If you send that picture to Newcastes facebook page, you may win a prize.


Sugar Free floating billboard - hangs in the air (it's so light, geddit?)

Very interesting execution from Rediffusion Young and Rubicam in India, where they advertise Sugar Free (light) soda by hanging the billboard in the air. Yep. Huge helium balloons held this billboard up, and probably caught a lot of peoples attention.


Mercy for animals parodies "got PMS" milk campaign, un-sells milk in Ms Magazine

Mercy for animals hijacked the most recent PMS_styled "got milk" campaign, only to spell out "Got ethics" because apparently we are to deduce that it's unethical to drink milk. They explain in detail on their own blog why. The Got milk "got PMS" campaign wasn't well received, with MS Magazine petitioning against it before it even launched.