The Associations Prévention Routière Et Assureurs Prévention want you to know that more than 1500 young people die in drunk driving accidents. To get people thinking about it, Les Gaulois Paris France created "Before I die, or "Avant de mourir." They placed a wall with the words "before I die, I want to..." and encouraged students and young people to write down their wishes. A week later they explained that over the year, 1,500 kids would never get the chance to fulfill their dreams.

Frightening stuff, but a nice way to think about it. Dying in a drunk driving accident doesn't just snuff you out. It snuffs out all your potential accomplishments, too.

Advertising Agency: Les Gaulois Paris France
Agency website:
Creative Director: Gilbert Scher, Alexandre Drouillard, Mickael Jeanne,
Art Director: Caroline Guittonneau
Copywriter: Mehdi Arabat-Ziane, Julie Moreno
Production: Sofilms


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  • Jon's picture
    Jon (not verified)

    Hi, which street is The wall located in Paris? Whats the address? Thanks In advance.

    Jun 06, 2015
  • kidsleepy's picture

    I don't know. But I'm also guessing since this ad was posted last year the installation is no longer there.

    Jun 06, 2015

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