In a world where colour is banned, redheads hide their hair. 'Prohibition' shows a world where everything is dreary and grey, so bland that our heroine doesn't even notice the man who loves her from afar. One day a dramatic turn of events sets color free. With this Dulux wants you to #changeyourstory.
It's pretty, and nicely directed but this thing about adding hashtags to everthing really needs to stop, guys. Please. Also I can't help but giggle at the idea that she painted the entire room with one wee can. Dulux must be amazingly concentrated paint to last that far.

Client Dulux
Agency BBH London
Production Park Pictures
Directors: Christian & Patrick
Creative Director : Nick Allsop
Creatives: Martha Riley, Richard Glendenning
Producer : Ruben Mercadal
Producer : Georgina Kent
Producer : Richard Fenton
Producer : Matt Williams
Executive Producer : Stephen Brierley
DoP: Benoit Delhomme

BBH Team Manager: Hannah Madden
BBH Team Director: Tracey McIntosh
BBH Strategy Director: Tom Roach
BBH Strategic Business Lead: Ann-Marie Costelloe
BBH Assistant Producer: Phil Cross/David Lynch
Post Production: Electric Theatre CollectiveShoot Supervisor: Yourick Van Impe
Lead Flame Artist: Giles Cheetham
Flame: Andrew Stewart, Yourick Van Impe
Nuke: James Belch
Lead 3D Artists: Remi Dessange, Gerard Dunleavy
3D: Dan Marum , Laury Guintrand
Matte Painting, Gerard Dunleavy, Dave Gibbons
Grading: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Editor/Editing House: Andrea Macarthur / Lizzie Graham @ Peepshow Post
Sound: Raja Sehgal @ Grand Central Sound Studios


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