Dunkelziffer - Haunting creep - (2008) :30 (Germany)


Dunkelziffer - Haunting creep - (2008) :30 (Germany)

This disturbing depiction of trauma will haunt you for the rest of the day, quite apt since Red Rabbit Hamburg wants you to realize that the consequences and stigma of sexual abuse stay with you until the grave. Nicely directed by The Vikings.

Kudos: Oliver Seltmann, Creative Director
Jan Fröscher, Creative Director
Matthew Branning, Creative
Joakim Reveman, Creative
Bjoern Ruehmann, Creative
Luke Jacobs, Producer

Director: The Vikings
Prod. Co. : Rokkit London
Sam Brown, DoP
Paul Hardcastle, Editor



Wow. Powerful visuals...and damn creepy.

Great work. It's nice to see public service advertising that's designed to be effective and not just designed to win awards.

The funny thing is that it will probably win awards just for being so dang effective. Now I need to go shower again that ad is creeping me the hell out

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