Dunlop Volley - Gig Viewer - (2009) :60 (Australia)


Dunlop Volley - Gig Viewer - (2009) :60 (Australia)

Love the "specially made goth version" hehe.

Yu can see more crazy at - and yes, this is to sell shoes. Dunlop Volley Shoes.. I'm not going to keep the 'secret' when the museum of hoaxes already outed the campaign in ten seconds flat.

Client: Dunlop Volley
Agency: Marilyn & Sons
Production Company: Marilyn & Sons
Director: Steve Justice

Benjamin Hammond : Interactive Creative Director
Gavin Willemsen : Creative Director
Kristian Jamieson : Creative Director
Martin Brown : Art Director
steve justice : Copywriter
Mark Bradley : Agency Producer
Caroline Clements : Agency Producer


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