Ha! This is hilarious. You know those super boring technical video on how mattresses work? How your spine bends and how your sleep gets better depending on how much support you have there or softness there. Yes, they're boring. The only thing more boring than watching those things must be making them, so I feel for the visualizers and art directors on this job. Dunlopillo and Geometry Global decided to change things up a bit though, they targeted their super boring foam videos to people scrolling through facebook at night in order to put them to sleep. There's an effective shortcut in getting people to associate your mattress name with sleep. Over 325,000 sleepless Malaysians responded to the campaign.

Dunlopillo is a dream client (pun intended) as they previously created a campaign on that other thing you do in bed with "listen to your mattress" as a date-fixer-upper for couples.

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