Geometry Global and Dunlopillo mattresses want you to bone a lot more than you are. So to help encourage your boning, they created a mattress with special sensors in it that would detect when your level of boning activity dropped off. And then the mattress would send you text messages with suggestions on how to rekindle that fire so you could bone more. Becuase Dunlopillo is one kinky mattress.

Client: Dunlopillo Agency: Geometry Global Malaysia Mehdi Lamloum: Executive Creative Director Suffian Rahman: Creative Group Head Pravin Sutar: Creative Group Head Kimberley Yap: Senior Copywriter Chui Tuck Loong: Senior Art Director Wendy Chiu: Head of Design Lam Shi Yah: Senior Designer Tommy Voon: 3D Designer Choong Jia Jun: Junior Designer Eunice Koe: Copywriter Chin Ling Yeo: Creative Technology Interface Jason Lee: Senior Programmer Chin Hwai Hwe: Strategic Planner Anne Oh: Group Account Director Thian Zen Yee: Senior Account Executive Beh Zhi Lin: Account Executive Production: Cake Experiential Communications Malaysia Andy Ong: Chief Experiential Officer Andrew Tan: Digital Producer Samuel Chew: Digital Manager