Dusseldorf is a very rich city with great restaurants and shops. On the surface it would seem as if everyone who lives there has money. But not so. Fact is there are 7,000 people who go hungry every day in Dusseldorf. And yet some of the restaurants have such large portions that people can't even finish their food. What a waste.

Fortunately, Ogilvy and Mather Dusseldorf saw an opportunity in that waste. They partnered with area restaurants to put small stickers on restaurant menus next to the oversized portion dinners. That way, diners could order a smaller portion for the same amount of money, and restaurants could donate the different to Dusseldorler Tafel, a food bank.

Since December 1st. All You Can't Eat has been a prolonged success. So much so that Food banks across the country are considering the possibilities of the program.

The best ideas out there aren't always the sexiest or the most innovative, or the first to jump on technology. The best ideas out there are the ones that make a real difference.

Advertised brand: Düsseldorfer Tafel Advert Title: All You Can't Eat Claim: When you can't eat anymore, there's someone who can. Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Düsseldorf, Germany Agency website: www.ogilvy.de Chief Creative Officer Dr. Stephan Vogel Executive Creative Director Thomas Schwarz Creative Director Markus Bredenbals Copywriter Nuno Melo Cristino, Federico Vico Art Direction Jessica Neubauer Agency Producer Mario Kaltenbach Other credits Vitali Gahl Publish: First meal served in the1st of December 2013

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