MPC’s New York and LA studios recently teamed up with Modus Operandi on a pair of adrenaline-pumping spots for EA SPORTS. The fully CG pieces were used to promote the company’s four sports franchises for industry heavyweights at the 2013 E3 conference in Los Angeles.

Get more info and watch the other spot, "Feel the Fight," here.


Spot Title: “IGNITE Engine Trailer”
Air Date: June 2013

Executive Producer: Todd Batty
Executive Producer: Steve Brooks
Executive Art Director: Rick Stringfellow
Creative Director: Aram Coen
Production Coordinator: Lindsay Yeats

Advertising Agency: Modus Operandi
SVP/Executive Creative Director: Aaron Sternlicht
Creative Director: Marcelo Petrella
Art Director: Jon Farrell
Executive Producer: Brendan Cravitz
Producer: Jason O’Leary
Offline/Online Editor: Matt Delamater
Assistant Editor: Tai Eskrine
Story Board Designer: Jeong Yang (Frameworks)
Production Coordinator: Julian Bishop

Production: Modus Operandi
Director: Marcelo Petrella

Executive Producer: Lexi Stearn
Head of Production: Jenny Bright
Creative Director: Ross Denner
Producer: Diana De Vries
Supervisor: Ross Denner
Animation: JD Fievet, Tyler Lancsater, Alejandro Castro, Samir Patel, Ruel Smith, Rigging Ian Wilson, Andrew Lema
Lighting: Fred Durand, William Schilthuis, Jon Balcone, Kenny Jackson, Sanjay Chand, Greg Gangemi, Tim Kafka
Environments: Nathaniel Morgan, Stefano Farci, Hui Bui
FX: John Cherniack, Matt Johnson, Bryan Cox, Yas Koyama
Massive: Amrik Walia, Hayley O’Neill
2D Compositing: Benoit Mannequin Flame, Elliott Brennan Nuke, Clement Renaudin Nuke, Lisa Ryan Nuke

Music: Mischa “Book” Chillak, The Greater Goods Co.
Sound Design/Mixer: Chris Popkey