The TV, cinema, and online campaign for the August 10 launch of EA SPORTS’ Madden NFL 11 features six scenarios in which NFL pros surprise unsuspecting real fans with game delivery, and play. The campaign, which broke August 1, was created by San Francisco advertising agency Heat.

The nice thing about doing ads like this, is that you don't have to write a script. The reaction to Drew Brees in Times Square are sufficient. The San Diego Chargers’ Antonio Gates drops in unexpected at the home of an older, lapsed gamer (“It’s going to be weird when I throw a touchdown to you, beating you.”). Houston Texans’ Mario Williams and Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Lewis lead arch-rival Dallas high school football teams, the L.D. Bell Blue Raiders and the Trinity Trojans, in an online 3-on-3. And Chargers’ Luis Castillo surprises an awestruck 11-year-old at his birthday party. Other TV-only cameos are by Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald and Minnesota Vikings’ Jared Allen.

Al in all, a good time was had by all, especially since 2000 Madden NFL 11s were handed out, free, during the shoots. The 30 second edit is located here.

Ad agency: HEAT Media Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland ECD: Steve Stone ACD/AD: Anna Rowland ACD/CW: Warren Cockrel Dir’s./Prod. co.: Luke & Pete McCoubrey/@Radical.Media, Los Angeles