EA Sports "Rumble" (2013) (USA)


EA Sports "Rumble" (2013) (USA)

Because for some reason the whole world still likes Tiger Woods, despite his philandering ways, so he and and Arnold Palmer face off with a team of thugs who attempt to steal their PGA trophies. Surprise, there's another badass in town who joins them unleashing an impressive can of I can-do-the-splits-whoop-ass. Wow, for a moment there I almost thought that golf-games were exciting.

EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour "Rumble": Agency: Heat SF Vera Kacurova - VP, Executive Producer Brian Coate - Executive Producer John Elder - President Steve Stone - Executive Creative Director Warren Cockrel - Creative Director Richard Fischer- Art Director James King - Copywriter Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Aaron Stoller - Director Shawn Lacy - Managing Director Holly Vega - Executive Producer Mala Vasan - Producer Chris Soos - DP Lester Cohen - Production Designer Editorial Company: Hutch & Co LA Jim Hutchins - Editor Jane Hutchins - Managing Director

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