A woman enters a home, picks up some kids crayon, passes the lovers in the front room couch, dances the awkward tea-tango with a man in the common room before she has a seat in the living room. When the scenery moves in the window and the train announcer says: "Welcome to the east coast" we know we've watched a see-say ad. She feels at home on the train, how nice! The idea nicely directed by Joshua Neale, conceived by Olly Wood and Martin Headon at Beattie McGuinness Bungay is getting a little stale in the strategy. "Feel at home with " and " makes you feel at home" plus the umpteen subtle variants have been a standard go-to since the 60s. I'm sure East Coast train can come up with something better than that, especially these days when people without homes are known to live in train stations. Nothing wrong with the ad, but is this really the old proposition you want to use?

Advertising Agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay, London, UK Creative Director: Gavin McGrath Copywriter: Martin Headon Art Director: Olly Wood Producer: Ray Leakey Director: Joshua Neale Planner: Tamsin Northridge DoP: Luke Scott Agency Producer: James Bolton Post production: The Mill Post production: Golden Sq Editor: David Webb Media agency: Havas Soundtrack: Tom Player Audio post-production: 750mph

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