There are some really choice quotes in this Eastbay spot starring comedian Rob Riggle.

(In reference to their kicker, whom he just called "She.") "Wait, what? She is a he? But his name's Ashley."

"My nana is on her death bed. Do you want my nana to die a loser? All right..that's not actually true. She's already a loser."

"This morning I saw a blue jay reading my neighbor's paper. That's a good sign, right?"

Yeah. I think my favorite line comes at the 1:01 mark:

"Make it stop."

Creative Agency: Zambezi
Founder/Executive Creative Director: Brian Ford
Creative Directors: Kevin Buth, Jon Runkle
Senior Art Director: Jim Makris
Art Director: Emanuel Gregori
Executive Producer: Alex Cohn
Senior Producer: Nathan Nowak
Associate Producer: Summer Allgyer
Founder/Managing Director: Chris Raih
Director of Account Services: Pete Brown
Account Director: Kevin O’Brien
Account Supervisor: Matt Kline
Director of Digital: Peter Mertz
Social Media Strategist: Emma Santangelo
Production Company: Pony Show
Director: Peter Berg
Director of Photography: John Schwartzman
Executive producer: Susan Kirson
Producers: Helga Gruber, Fern Martin
Rob Riggle (actor), Patrick Peterson (Arizona Cardinals)
Editing House: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: David Brodie
Producer: Angela Dorian
VFX, Color, & Finishing: Kilt Studios
Flame Artist: Andy Mac
Executive Producer: Matthew McManus
Music House: Squeak E. Clean Productions
Composers: Rusty Logsdon & Matt Walker
Executive Producer: Carol Dunn
Music Producer: Jack Catlin
Sound Design: Lime Studios
Sound Designer: Rohan Young
Audio Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Rohan Young
CEO - Dowe Tillema
CMO - Dave Lokes
Brand Director - Steve Horn
Marketing Manager - Gretchen Nuckles


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