'Our character is all in a spin. That's because he's on top of our Thank yous Zoetrope! Take a look at some of the rewards you could receive as an EDF Energy customer, and find out more at http://www.edfenergy.com/thankyous '

Targeting both new and existing EDF Energy customers, the Zoetrope celebrates the depth and volume of prizes available. Complementing the above the line message that the Olympics is the ‘Greatest show on earth, it also reinforces the spectacle and scale of the Olympics’ opening and the closing ceremonies.’ The ‘magic’ machine, which produces a rich kaleidoscopic display of all prizes and experiences EDF Energy has to offer, will be integrated into all elements of the campaign including Online, eCrm, DM, internal comms.

The new brand character, which is based on the YouTube hit "dancing robot" character Keepon, will be the Zoetrope’s ringmaster.

Client: EDF Energy