Edward Jones Financial Advisors are more than just financial advisors. They're part of the community and friends with the people whose money they're entrusted to invest. This is a recruitment video from Edward Jones, trying to get potential financial advisors with 5-8 years of experience to rethink their career goals. In other words, think beyond the commission.

Client: Edward Jones
Lowe Campbell Ewald
Kathleen Donald, Chief Operating Officer
Michelle Rossow, Account Director
Cristina Cecchetti, Senior Account Supervisor
Aubrey Verlin, Senior Account Executive
Amanda Collier, Account Executive
Rosalind Dixon, Account Coordinator

Susan Hommel, Director Strategic Planning
Jon Stewart, Group Creative Director
Jenn Thomas, Associate Creative Director
Chad Woolums, Associate Creative Director
Amy Wolfe, Art Supervisor
Kyle Strace, Art Director
Jason Macemore, Associate Director Digital Strategy
Joannie Matiyow, Senior Digital Project Manager
Matt Duggan, Senior Integrated Producer
Martha Torre Carter, Director of Operations, Integrated Production
Jeanne Webber, Director, Business Affairs
Matt Burns, Senior Editor
Stephen Palmer, Operations Manager

Social Media:
Mike Metz, Social Media Strategist
Mike Hoffman, Assistant Social Media Analyst
Veronique Tu, Attorney
Todd Chawansky, Attorney
Daniel Rioux, Director, Media Planning
Russ Scott, Senior Media Planner
Simone Thomas, Digital Media Planner
Janice Easton, Director, Strategic Analytics
Andrew Sarcona, Manager, Digital Analytics
Photographer: Brian Sorg
Production Company: The Work
Director: The Work
Executive producer: The Work
Line Producer: The Work
Audio Mix: John D'Agostini, Audio Engineer


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