Here's a fun metaphor for the economy, for El Cronista magazine. To get young people interested in the economy they took those boring and sterile graphs and charts depicting historical economic crises and recreated them in the air by an acrobatic airplane flying at 16,500 feet. That should sure get the message across!

Client: El Cronista Agency: Grey Argentina Executive Creative Director: Diego Medvedocky Creative Directors: Alejandro Devoto / Martín Stuart / Hernán Kritzer / Lisandro Cardozo Account Exectutive: Florencia Arduino / Miriam Di Pascale Agency Production: Juan Carlos Barrios / Viviano Romero / Florencia Orban Production Company: Castadiva Buenos Aires Director: Marcelo Szechtman Agency Editor: Viviano Romero Executive Producer: Valeria Magrini Post-production: 4Humans Music Company: Papa Music Client Approval: Federico Erhart / Nerina Barros / Florencia Sanchez

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