Ha ha ha. This spot is so silly. Grown male athletes admit when they cry (at deaths, over breakups, etc) but now all of them are crying over the one thing they can't have: The Elan Delight line of skis, designed for women. Don't judge their tears, ya'll .By the way, the athletes are Glen Plake, American pioneer of extreme skiing, Christian Mayer, World Cup Alpine ski racer, Olympic and World Cup medallist, Filip Flisar, World Champion and overall World Cup winner in Ski cross, Davo Karničar, first person to ski down from Mt. Everest, Matthias Mayr, Professional free-skier and Big mountain Explorer, and Bine Žalohar, Professional free-skier, competitor, and instructor.

Client: Elan Agency: Studio Sonda Croatia, www.sonda.hr Creative Directors: Studio Sonda, Croatia: Jelena Fiskus, Sean Poropat Directed and produced by: Studio Sonda, Croatia: Jelena Fiskus, Sean Poropat Edited by: Studio Sonda, Croatia: Eugen Slavik Camera: Jure Niedorfer 3D Editing: Andraž Kožar Audio recording: Chris Wherry Audio postproduction: Aleks Poropat Music: Bononiasound Make Up: Sanja Rivic, Anita Mušič Studio: Sonata Photographica