Eliezer Max School "Protest" (2013) :30 (Brazil)




Eliezer Max School "Protest" (2013) :30 (Brazil)

The translation is a wee bit too direct for the humor to come out, but the idea that a kid wants to protest the idea that better schools make a difference and is unable to spell the words right is pretty self-explanatory in any language.

The ad is for a Brazilian Jewish school (In Rio, I think) called Eliezer Max.

Client: Eliezer Max School
Creative Director: Gustavo Bastos
Copywriter: Gustavo Bastos
Art Director: Renata Birman, Leandro Barbosa
Production Company: MZ3
Director: Mario Barros, João Borges
Sound Design: Pardal
Media supervisor: Bianca Brandão
Aproved By: Rubem Ferman, Tamar Messer


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