Going hiking, biking, canoeing, or camping this fall? If so, you’ll want to head straight to New York State after checking out a pair of Empire State Development spots produced by Elastic Director Andy Hall and edited by Rock Paper Scissors Editor Gabriel Britz via BBDO NY. Hall captured the essence of NY, illustrating everything from high-altitude nature panoramas to close-ups of leisurely family horseback rides. Britz then smartly, spliced the whole thing together into the high-energy final clip, which includes several shots that merge live-action with animated depictions of recreational activities. This is the second round of spots in the campaign for Hall.

Client: Empire State Development Spots: ILNY Fall 2012 – “Catskills,” “Hudson” Release Date: September 2012 Agency: BBDO NY Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars Creative Directors: Nick Sonderup, Kurt Lenard Associate Producer: Elise Pavone Producer: Tricia Lentini Production Company: Elastic Director: Andy Hall Director of Photography: Kate Rentz Live Action Producer: Ron Cosentino Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall Designers: Leanne Dare, Rachel Choi Cell Animators: Jay Jackson, Max Ulichney Producer: Meredith Tomasulo 2D VFX Artists: Brendan Crockett, Richard Hirst Colorist: Paul Yacono Roto Artists: Cathy Shaw, Maciek Sokalski Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors Editor: Gabriel Britz Assistant Editor: Ko Massiah Producer: Alexandra Zickerick Executive Producer: CL Weaver Final Mix: Sound Lounge

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