Here's a sugary spot for your Wednesday. based on a true story, a baby lost his teddy on the East Midlands Train. The mother called them up to explain and wouldn't you know, an EMT employee had a bear just like that one so she sent it back to them along with a postcard. Very cute. Love the animation, too.

Agency: M&C Saatchi, LIDA and Blue449. Matt Hennell: Senior Account Director Client: East Midlands Trains Creative Directors: Jason Lawes & Grant Parker Copywriter: Nathan White Art Director: Ben Daly Agency Producer: Estella Alvares Directors: Daniel Frost & Paul Layzell Executive Producer: Matt Marsh Copywriter: Nathan White Producer TVC: Emily Lay Producer Stills: Katy MacGregor 2D Animators: Antoine Bourruel, Joe Sparkes, Tim Divall, Mark Abbott Assistant Animator: Mamiko Okada Compositors: Chris Bristow & Felip Docolomansky Sound: James Saunders at LFO Sound Music: Alex Ball Planner/CSU Director: Howard Miller and Kit Davies Media agency: Blue449 Production company: Blink Productions

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    Based on my own memory of losing Raggedy Ann and Andy on a flight somewhere in the mid seventies I can assure you the replacement Raggedy Ann and Andy never fooled me, not for one second.

    Feb 03, 2016

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