UK Car hire, U.S. customer service. That means funny stereotypes! The American guy, see, he's friendly, but very loud and talks in weird idioms no one understands, and he can't find the UK on a map! (That last bit made me laugh out loud.) And the British guy see, he's quiet and reserved, and xenophobic, and has issues with class. (It's in the behind-the-scenes. Trust me.)

What fun people they hire at Enterprise.

Client: Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Lee Broughton, Global Marketing & Sustainability; Leah Wilson, European Marketing Manager.
Creative agency: Dare
Creative Directors: Sean Thompson
Creative: Andrew Edelston
Creative: Pippa Harrigan
TV Producer: Karen Egan
Creative Planner: Sarah Morning
Business Director: Tamara Bennett
Account Manager: Freya Page
Media agency: PHD
Media planner: Ben Waddy
Production company: Caviar
Director: Seth Gordon (courtesy of Independent)
Executive Producers: Louise Gagen/Sorcha Shepherd
Production Company Producer: Dougal Meese
DOP: Tim Maurice-Jones
Editor: John Mayes at Marshall Street
Post-production: Finish
Audio post-production: Jack Sedgwick at Wave


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    Bob Carter (not verified)

    Great ad - Well done

    Aug 10, 2015

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