European parliament elections are happening May 22-25. A large number of young Europeans will be breaking their voting cherry for the first time. I think the concept centers around the idea of "What stories will happen when you vote?" But in this case the story is, a hipster kid goes to vote, but doesn't actually get to vote because he's too clumsy and clueless to know how. So instead, he falls through a window and ends up unleashing a bunch of sheep.

Oh! I get it! European voters are sheep! I think I'm reading that correctly, right?

Client: European Parliament Agency: Ogilvy Brussels Executive Creative Director: Sam De Win Creatives: Sam De Win, Seb De Roover, Koen Mortier Producer: Bruno Dejonghe Production Company: Director: Koen Mortier Music: Compact Disk Dummies Client: Stephen Clark, Thibault Lesenecal Client Director: Laure Van Hauwaert Accounts: Ulrike Stolze, Ieben Enghien Strategy Director: Kristel Vanderlinden Head of Reputation: Tomas Sweertvaegher DOP: Menno Mans Producer: Joop Haesen Executive producer: Eurydice Gysel Editor: Manu Van Hove @ Het Digitaal Geweld Sound: Senjan Jansen @ Senstudio Online: Ann Vandenbussche @ Nozon Grading: Joost Van Kerckhove

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