EPA - Anti-Fracking Club - (2014) :60 (USA)


EPA - Anti-Fracking Club - (2014) :60 (USA)

Fracking is hotly debated in Colorado right now, and on one side of the issue the Environmental Policy Alliance wants people to seethe anti-fracking crowd as cheese-obsessed nutters with an unhealthy relationship to their sock puppets*. The point being that anti-fracking people spread misinformation about fracking, without having anything to back it up. While the base argument that misinformation is being spread is a solid one to make an ad on, taking unrelated crazy ideas instead ends up mocking the anti-frackers in a way that is only preaching to the converted. Had they instead taken apart a known anti-fracking concern, blinding people with science, they may have swayed people on the fence. Prediction; anti-frackers will be outraged all over the intarwebs, possibly making this local ad viral.

*The sock puppet might be a snark about internet sock puppets, if you want to give this ad that much credit.

Client: Environmental Policy Alliance

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