Epique conducted a social experiment to see what women think about the concept of ageism. They asked women to tell their age, and not one of them wanted to and most of them got super defensive about not sharing their age.
Then they asked the same question of young girls. They were thrilled to share their age. The grown women were then asked, if your daughter only picked one candle what would you think? The women then felt bad about themselves and would have said they wouldn't want their daughters to do what they just did. Then the women were humiliated a third time until they answered the question for real and put their real age up on the cake.
This is the one time where this kind of social experiment with a nice moral at the end just doesn't work for me. It feels like the women can't win either way.

Client: Epique Agency: Good Bad Weird Copy Writer: Vishal Sagar Account Management: Rakesh Tripathy Producer: Vivek Mitra