Who says we have to stop dreaming as we get older? Not Europcar, who together with Mercedes-Benz, built an adult sized-carousel featuring Benzes instead of horses. This spot is so wondrous it's almost a shame. Because this actually a real event. They built a gigantic carousel in London that was 5 meters high and 11 meters wide, with 5 of the latest Mercedes-Benz models. And real people were invited to sit in the cars and go in a circle under a cloud of over 10,000 balloons. I would have loved to have seen the actual people who participated in the event. When Toyota built an amusement park ride for Camry a few years ago, it was highly entertaining to watch real people get driven through it. This spot ends up feeling fake which is a shame since it wasn't.

Client: Eruopcar Rosapark Cofounders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Jean-François Sacco, Gilles Fichteberg Account Management : Sacha Lacroix, Soraya Cottin, Laurène Chabrol Creative Directors: Mark Forgan and Jamie-Edward Standen Creative team: Bénédicte Morin, Yara Dalens Head of Amplification : Mickaël Mougenot Strategic Planner: Alexandre Ribichesu Art Buying : Camille Asal Production : Birth, Hugo Legrand and Tristan Béraud Director: Vincent Rodella