This case study for the EVoc indestructable billboard does the daring thing of grabbing a guitar-riffing bit of music. To show off Evoc's protective backpacks and the shock absorbing effect a classic "strength of hit" measuring device usually found at amusement parks was worked into a backpack billboard. Then everyone took a punch to the backpack to see how strong their hit was.

97 hits per hour

There must have been a line around the block for the chance to hit that billboard. Is that an average by the way? Perhaps people don't sleep at all in Berlin.

Ad agency: Publicis Munich, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Stephan Ganser
Art Director: Michèle Imhof , Manfred Feiger, Michael Heindl, Andreas Peischl
Copywriter: Victor Haffling
Account Supervisor: Jens Goldmann


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