Expedia - Find Your Understanding - Wedding - (2012)


Expedia - Find Your Understanding - Wedding - (2012)

Oy, we're a bit heavy on the violins here Expedia... But then again, it is a wedding and swelling violins are as much part of that as kleenex and white dresses. The journey here is taken by the father Artie Goldstein, who has to come to terms with the fact that his daughter is marrying another woman. The cold hearted cynic in me is gruffing that of course the gay couple depicted are two gorgeous women, instead of two men with an age-difference, while the romantic zap in me is grasping for kleenex at daddy's speech. Hush! Now lets cut the cake.

This is part of Expedia's campaign "find yours", emphasizing the journeys we take when we travel. We know how to book a flight, but the old tagline "Where you book matters" doesn't matter anymore.

Ad agency: 180LA



I notice they passed a white church back down southeast, suggesting perhaps that it would never happen there?

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