Facebook Home - Airplane Home - (2013) (USA)


Facebook Home - Airplane Home - (2013) (USA)

Facebook home means that your home screen is always showing you the latest of your friends inane facebook posts, and that you can FB from any app on your phone, receive chats while looking at a map and so on. What this means is, it's like having a random drag queen cabaret appear on an airplane. Your beach-lounging pals are taking up the overhead compartment. Your nephew is covered with chocolate cake in the aisle and there's cats everywhere. No, not like in "Great, now there's going to be cats everywhere"., just as in the old THIS bring X to LIFE execution.

I'm not saying it's predictable, I really like the music chosen for example, just that's it's not totally rad either.



I think it's important to read some of the comments on Facebook's own promoted post. They are universally scathing. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4796403792190&set=vb.234232874008&t...

Oh ahahhaha! Yeah, comments like "We are all dumber now for having watched that commercial." and "so Facebook Mobile is the Pied Piper into leading the sheep into believing it's doing 3 wonderful things for you.. when in reality it's doing 100 privacy theft terrifying things behind your back" aren't good.

Are people getting sick of the invasive social media yet, or just rattling their sabers without plans of actually shutting down that account?

"Just saw this spot during NCAA Final Four. I'm in the ad business and have no idea what the hell the message is here. What does this product do? Why should I care? Ironic hipsters producing worthless crap at its finest."

Meh, I just think it's unorginal, but points to the person who finds the angriest facebook comment about this. :)

You know what I think? Grrr. Cats on a plane! cover the keyboards!

{Back on topic} Any person that does that to their mobile should be deprogrammed of cult code. What a total waste of computing power. To clarify -- their brain. The mobile will recover.

I have listened to some of the chatter about "FB Home" but didn't realize how fu¢ked it is till now. One interesting quote, paraphrased, "(..) the way some are carrying on about 'Facebook Home' you would swear they killed their mother (..)".

I am glad my FB is just a placeholder with worthless data.

I don't like the ad but I love the song. Any idea what its called or who its by?

Looks like it's tailor made:

Music+Sound Company: Walker
Composer: Jumbo
Sound Designer: Barking Owl / Michael Anastasi
Producer: Sara Matarazzo

The song does have a sweet beat. Too bad it's tailor made for such a strange commercial. Who is the white drag queen? Is that Shangela too? All the drag queen credits I can find are only for Shangela.

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