Ode to bar codes. Seriously, you have to listen to it, his love poetry rhymes in Spanish!

Creative: Nacho Valle
Sound mix: freibergmusic
Date of first release: JULY 21 2008

Factor 5 is a logistics company (transport, distribution, storage, warehouse management) that provides an alternative to traditional logistics management through innovative management and looking for new ways of applying organization systems and technology.Through this unique point of view, Factor 5 is going to help clients to look at logistics in a very different way. So different, that they can fall in love with a simple bar code... In the commercial we hear a man reciting a poem to a bar code.

Audio: Man (in spanish the sentences rhymes):
Who would say- Who would say that behind that darkness you hid your carmine. Who would have thought that these straight lines sheltered endless curves of love. Who would have imagined that that cold mind concealed so much joy. God bless those who opened my eyes, those who taught me to see you differently than from what others see. Do not leave me, my love. Take me wherever you go. Guide me through your trails. Embrace me with affection. You are beautiful, you're gorgeous, you're mystical, logistics.

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  • purplesimon's picture

    Bit trippy for a logistics company, but it'll stick in my head, that's for sure. I feel like giving it 5 outta 5 just for being so out-there and bizarre.

    Sep 05, 2008

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