Tool's Jason Zada directed a pair of amusing web films for Factory Design Lab as part of the agency's recent re-branding featuring the new tagline, "Power of Orange." The playful clips, which feature largely slow-motion sequences, symbolically communicate the efficacy of the company's new message by portraying the color orange as a catalyst behind unlikely scenarios.

Leader is set around a sun-soaked summertime swimming pool surrounded by bikini-clad beauties who stare longingly, in sunglass-lowering disbelief, as a portly, stout man struts toward them. As he disrobes, exposing a sheaf of back hair and rolls of body fat, the women (along with the pool boy), gape, almost in ecstasy, at the one feature that obviates all the physical malformations: his orange Speedo.

"Factory Design Lab is an industry leader in creating high-end web content for major brands, so when they approached Jason to direct films promoting their own studio, we viewed it as a great testament to his abilities," noted Tool EP Brian Latt. "These are fantastic short narratives which play out like a feature - largely cinematic and graphic which is exactly the type of work that Jason excels at."

Client: Factory Design Lab
Film Title: Leader, Powder
Launch: January 2009

Agency: Factory Design Labs
CD: Steve Whittier
ACD/Writer: Dean Del Calzo
AD(s): Hoshi Ludwig, Chirag Ahir, Brett Lareau
Producer: Kristen Del Calzo
Prod Company: Tool of North America
Director: Jason Zada
DP: Ketil Dietrichson
EP(s): Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt, Dustin Callif
Producer: Steven Steiner
Production Designer: Andrew Baird
Post/Editorial: Factory Design Labs
Shoot Location: Los Angeles, CA


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