AGENCY: The VIA Group, Portland, Maine

Chief Creative Officer: Greg Smith

Creative Director: Teddy Stoecklein

Copywriter: Amos Goss

Art Directors: Chris Avantaggio, Ross Fletcher

Executive Producer: Mary Hanifin

Associate Producer: Meghan Gildart

Director: Lena Beug (TV)

Production: Moxie Pictures (TV); Soundtrack Boston (Radio)

Editorial House: The Cutting Room (TV, Online)

Editor: Chuck Willis (TV, Online)

Assistant Editor: Sean McGrath (TV)

Graphics/FX: My Active Driveway (TV, Online)

Producer, Graphics/FX: Jonny Fego (TV, Online)

Engineer: Howard Carle (Radio)

Photographer: Lee Cullivan (Print, Direct Mail)

Director of Interactive Development: Tim Beidel

Interactive: Emily Straubel

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