Fanta Germany want to be known as the "Official sponsor of FANTAsy" ... with that FANTA-capped spelling. In this fantasyland - reminiscent of the happiness factory only in that it's also CGI - we have WWF wrestlers, princesses who hop out of their hoop skirts to fight, random T-rexes wandering about, and giant blue Pepsi-like robots attacking the castle. This all makes sense when you realize it's what the kids imaginations thought up as they were playing on the beach, they were probably on a level 1 liter soda bottle sugar high.

Client: Coca-Cola Germany Agency: Jung von Matt/Neue Elbe JvM Managing Director: Tobias Grimm Production: Tempomedia, Hamburg Postproduction: Unexpected GmbH Supervisor/Lead: Alex & Steffen 3D Artists: Jörg Häberle, Alexander Kiesl, Sebastian Badea, Stefan Kleindienst, Harun Celebi, Tobias Körner, Korbinian Kuhn, Florian Eichin, Marcel Kühn 2D Artists: Claus Rudolph, Steffen Hacker, Johannes Wünsch, Michael Wünsch Colorist: Peter Hacker Director of Photography: Simon Coull Music & Sounddesign: Schnack Music Manufacture
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