It's kind of like a phone controlled body-molded perfect version of a Tron light bike but so much more. It rivals Tesla in style and awesomeness. This concept was unveiled at CES.It's 100% electric and 1,000 HP. If you want more, how about a helmet that feeds you water and oxygen? How about a dashboard to gather biometric data so it knows when you're tired?

As the Verge points out, this concept is far from reality and is more a dog and pony show to get people amped about the billion dollar Faraday factory coming to Nevada that will produce decidedly less jaw dropping cars to begin with but hey, it's a hell of a way to make an announcement isn't it?

Client: Faraday Future
Production Company: MPC Creative
Director: Dan Marsh
Director of Photography: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Art Directors: Kina Choi & Casey McIntyre
Client Producer: Zack Williams
Live Action Producer: Stan Sawicki
Production Designer: Jamie Vickers
Storyboards: Darek Gogol
Film Editor: Billy Sacdalan
MPC App Development: Tim Porteous
Executive Producer, MPC VR: Mike Wigart
Executive Producer, MPC VR: Tim Dillon
Producer, MPC VR: Colin Clarry
Film VFX Supervisors: Zach Tucker & Vincent Blin
VR VFX Supervisor: Jason Schugardt
MPC VR Production Team: Yuichiro Yamashita, Gustavo Bellon, Clement Renaudin, Asher Stusek, Matthew Burns, Steward Burris, George Saavedra & Nate Usiak
Film Production Team: Gustavo Bellon, Clement Renaudin, Asher Stusek, Matthew Burns, Andrew Price, Steward Burris, George Saavedra, Dylan Brown, Oliver Caiden, Jerry Chow, Matthew Maude, Ben Persons, Emily Gerich, Tim Donlevy, Jaemin Lee, Hayley O'Neill, Aaron Hamman, Jonathan Ficcadenti, Janice Tso, Heidi Berg, Darek Gogol, Kenneth Robin, Jerry Chow, Mark Krentz, Brian Broussard, Akshay Sunil Wadwalkar, Vittal Kuntla, Bibin Balan P, Anbarasu E, Karthick Muthukumar, M. Vijaya Kumar, P N Arunkumar, Rajinikanth R, S. Sundaramoorthy, Sabanayagam V, Venkatesh Rajagopal, Gowri Shankar Velusamy D, Partha Modal, Sachin Sureshrao Dhapudkar, Usama Jameel, Elangovan Ganeshan, Ganesh Kumar S., Hemanth Anusuri, Roy Nukala Srikrishna, S. Samson Samuel, Shaik Abdul Adil, Shalwin Shaiju, Sreejimol CP, Stalin Balan, Sudheesh TV, Vaishali Awaghade, Goutham Hampankatta & Amresh Kumar
Grade: MPC LA
Colorist: Mark Gethin
Original Music: Daniel Iannantuono for Headquarters Music
Producer: James Bairian
Sound Design: Headquarters Music


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