Farmers Insurance - Dryer Fire - (2011) :30 (USA)


Farmers Insurance - Dryer Fire - (2011) :30 (USA)

Directed by the acclaimed husband-and-wife team of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris who are well-respected for their work on music videos and commercials and also received an Academy Award nomination for the film Little Miss Sunshine. Their unique vision brings to life America’s finest agents experiencing larger-than-life insurance scenarios in Professor Burke’s incredible classroom. Professor Burke is actor J.K. Simmons (Juno, Spider Man, Law & Order).

Professor Burke uses a flame-thrower and a giant lint ball to show agents the dangers of laundry-room fires.

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Agency: RPA
CCO: David Smith
GCD: Pat Mendelson
ACD: Laura Hauseman
ACD: Tom Hamling
Agency Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Agency Senior Producer: Selena Pizarro

Production Co: Bob Industries
Director: Jonathan Dayton / Valerie Faris
DP: Chris Soos
Executive Producers: Chuck Ryant, TK Knowles, John O’Grady
Line Producer: Bart Lipton
Production Designer: Jeremy Hindle

Editorial Company: Spot Welders
Editor: Haines Hall
Assistant Editor: Paul Sabater
Executive Producer: David Glean
Post Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh

Telecine Company: Company 3, Santa Monica, CA
Telecine Artist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Telecine Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov

Visual Effects Company: Public VFX
Visual Effects Supervisors/Lead Flame Artists: James Allen & Chris
CG Supervisor: Michael Shelton
Visual Effects Producer: Marlo Kinsey
Visual Effects Creative Director: Tony Smoller

Title Design: Laundrymat TV
Creative Directors: Anthony Liu, PJ Richardson
Executive Producer: Michael Bennett
Producer: Matthew Loranger

Audio Post Company: Lime Studios
Audio Post Mixer: Rohan Young
Exec Producer: Jessica Locke

Music Company: Elias Arts, LA
Composer/Arranger: Jonathan Elias
Executive Producer: Ann Haugen
Creative Director: Dave Gold



Cave Johnson here. I've secretly disguised myself as an insurance salesman so I can steal their secrets. Really, I just liked the idea of having my own flamethrower, because the lab boys back on Earth-1 wouldn't build me one of my own. Oh, uh, chariots-chariots. Anyway, they're about to be fired - possibly in more ways than one. Next stop, Hamburger University. What can I say. I'm hungry. Okay, back to testing, you.

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