Either this is in a different language and dubbed, or the sync is way off. But it's true on both vimeo and youtube versions.

Either way, this PSA could have benefited from editing. Don't get me wrong, i like watching the Swiss equivalent of Waiting For Godot with British actors/voice overs out of synch. It's just that-- it's nearly four minutes long to make the point that we should fill out our organ donor cards. But apparently though one doesn't need to really make the decision to donate organs because the surviving families can do so in your uh, absence. Which then begs the question, why would the fat bearded guy care all that much?

Client: Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland Advert Title: The Desicion Responsible for population information, Transplantation and Reproductive Medicine: Karin Wäfler Head of campaigns: Adrian Kammer Agency: Leo Burnett Zurich Executive Creative Director: Johannes Raggio Creative Team: Peter Brönnimann, Johannes Raggio, Pablo Schencke Agency Producer: Erasmo Palomba Account Manager: Michael Gassler Account Assistant: Nino Zuberbühler Director: Micha Lewinsky Production Company: stories AG Zurich Producer: Yves Bollag Line Producer: Lourdes Ribas Production Assistant: Billy Bains DoP: Daniela Knapp Music: Markus Schönholzer, Micha Lewinsky Editing: Beni Fueter Postproduction Supervisor: Denis Spycher Color Grading: Fabian Kimoto Sound Design: Gian Dolder Sound Mix: Jingle Jungle Zurich 3D: Tamas Fiedler

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