Just ahead of October 11th's World Sight Day, Rankin and James Corden take the piss out of charity spots, to create an effective charity spot for Sightsavers .

Sightsavers are a charity that works to fight and prevent blindness in developing countries. They wanted people to know it really doesn't cost a lot to prevent or treat blindness. Unlike most PSA's, they decided to go the comedy route.

It opens with James Corden looking at a T-shirt with a Sightsavers logo on it and asking "have you got one that doesn't say Sightsavers?" before tossing it off camera with a dismissal.

Corden's likability (and celebrity power at least in the U.K.) not only makes you comfortable with the topic at hand, the "you really can make a difference," becomes even more believable. Despite the comedy, he still delivers pertinent facts: With 39 million blind people in the world, 80% of them can be prevented or cured. Just over £25 can save someone's sight and £8 can prevent a blinding disease.

The film feeds this information by poking fun at the four ways to make a charity ad: The Guilt. The Comedy. The Empathy. And shock. Each one is more silly than the next.

Corden finally gives up and just playing it straight. It's refreshing to balance the seriousness of the topic, with lightheartedness of delivery. At this point it feels genuine, as it should.

At the end, Corden even gets in a good-natured dig at über-charity celeb, Annie Lennox, too. Hope she has a good sense of humor.

When you're done laughing you might consider donating. At the very least, visit Sightsavers Facebook page to help spread the word.

Photographer/Director: Rankin Actor: James Corden

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