Feist - I feel it all - (2008) 3:42 (USA)


Feist - I feel it all - (2008) 3:42 (USA)

Feist is quite the pyrotechnic in this explosive video. She teamed up with the VFX team from Smoke & Mirrors New York to bring us this stunningly calculated music video. As the music starts, we find the soloist alone in a field of barrels. She runs in and around the casks as they rhythmically explode with a visual cacophony of fireworks. Feist is accompanied beautifully with a dazzling illuminated display throughout the video that culminates in a grand finale of both sound and light.

Smoke & Mirrors New York teamed up with Patrick Daughters and Feist most recently on the Grammy nominated song "1 2 3 4" (which Feist has redone for the Sesame street and is just so adorable).

I Feel It All was to be one seamless take without much VFX effort at all. In reality four separate takes were used with the SMNY VFX team working to transition between them to pull the best performance pieces together. In addition, some of the fireworks were re-timed to better sync with the musical hits and several rigs and props were removed from the location.

"We’re ecstatic to work on another video for Fiest and Daughters. The first video was such a success. We can
only hope for the same response for the newest video, which is the kind of challenge we love to sink our teeth
into," commented the VFX team at SMNY.

Client: Feist
Song Title: I Feel It All
Air Date: January 2008

Production Company: The Directors Bureau, Los Angeles
Director: Patrick Daughters
Executive Producer: Lana Kim
Producer: Emily Skinner
DP: Jim Hawkinson

Post/Effects: Smoke & Mirrors/NY

Editor: Dan Kelly
Lead VFX Artist Dan Kelly
VFX Artist: Philip Akka
Head of Production: Cary Flaum
CD: Sean Broughton

Telecine: Company 3, NY Colorist: Tom Poole



I'm not bored with this yet, love it. Fireworks and Feist is all I need man.

That's great. A girl in Hunter wellies and things that explode. I think it's love.

That or plain lust.

Great video.

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