Feministiskt initiativ (Feminist initiative political party) began a campaign last week with the message: feminists have better sex. Over a thousand people have already joined the facebook fan page, and debate is raging in the newspaper where Elin Grelsson, linguist, suggest that the campaign makes women feel guilty , and that it is vague to what it actually means, with its buttons and flyers and a commercial that is made up of various Hollywood scenes that depict "shoddy gender sex" (sunkigt könsrollssex).

Gudrun Schyman, the FI party leader posted an article at Newsmill: "happiness is relationships without reservation", stating this leads to better sex. The idea for the campaign stems from research that shows that in relationships where partners were on an equal footing, their sexlife was better.

The film has been edited together by members of FI. Am I the only one wondering if these clever politicians remembered to secure the rights for all the clips?

FI http://www.feministisktinitiativ.se/