Fentimans launches their first TV commercial in the UK and step up to take the throne of Oddly Naughty, previously owned by Apple Tango (ooh, you little Minx). In Victorian style, all sorts of titillating adult behavior is acted out with various Fentimans as the star of each scenario. There's police being handcuffed by naughty wenches, a dominatrix woman whipping a bottle, a judge crawling on all fours toward another... In the end when the bottle erupts is a bit of a nod to that Perrier "caressing the bottle" ad, or you know, some other sort of liquid eruption....

Sell! Sell! Creative Director, Vic Polkinghorne said,

“Our approach is to make our client’s products the star of the show and their advertising the most distinctive in the category, and this commercial does just that. In every scene, Fentimans drinks are lusted after and lasciviously desired, and the irreverent attitude we’ve cultivated for Fentimans over the last seven years really comes to life on screen and will stand out a mile in ad breaks.”

Fentimans Owner and Master Brewer, Eldon Robson commented

“Our products are unique, full-flavoured and very much an Adult Soft Drink with a real kick. We try not to take ourselves too seriously except when it comes to the care, attention and due diligence we take over the development and manufacture of our products. This risqué Edwardian world and the characters we’ve created with their illicit passions allow us to demonstrate the historical origins of the company from 1905 with our trademark irreverent approach. If it puts a smile on people’s faces and encourages them to buy a Fentimans product, I cannot ask for any more.”

I love Fentimans. It's a delicious soda for an adult palette, the ginger beer has a proper bite to it and all the other flavors are distinct in their own way as well. Try them, you will not be disappointed. It's a spot on strategy to stay on the "adult" target, but it seems just a little easy to go straight to the naughty, though I like the victorian styling - very nice. Like the drink itself, which has so many layers of flavor, I hope to see more layers of odd as this campaign evolves. More quirk, please!

Ad agency: Sell! Sell! Agency: Sell! Sell! Director: Fern Berresford Production design: Mark Denton Production Company: Coy! at Short Films Director of Photography: Chris Sabogal Editor: James Rosen - Speade Post Production: Rushes Music: Simon Bass – Pure Soho

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