Mobile and social company Fetch created a Tinder app to find the "right," intern which I guess means someone who is horny and looking to hook up as well as someone who knows their social. One the horny dudes and dudettes swiped right, they were asked to give their best one liner for a chance to get an internship. At least they knew where there audience is, amirite? Amazingly they only turned the app on for a half hour a day.
According to the press release they learned a bit from the campaign. Most notably "Observations included that guys were generally more responsive than the girls (almost 100 times more responsive in fact), and could get a little disappointed that the photo of the girl was a spoof, whereas girls enjoyed the joke a bit more. Neither sex read the profiles in great detail however."
I get that it's a joke and it's trying to play off the context but seeing a silhouette of a guy or a girl behind a big desk with a hottie on top of said desk is kinda sexist, no?

Agency: Fetch