Wow..... the only car I've really lusted for based on looks alone ever since my deep crush on the Volvo p1800 ES look how purdy has joined forces with GUCCI to make itself even prettier.

Fiat 500 by Gucci shot by Chris Sweeney makes the Fiat 500 look like something created at the Willy Wonka Perfume factory (instead of chocolate), add a dash of fashion, and *pscheeew*, it becomes the steering wheel, roll in a few shoes and a belt and *zap*, they're now the sleek looking wheels. Shrinkwrapped essence of fashion makes big car. Served in that classic "assemble these bits" toy way we all recall from plastic we played with as kids. Fun! Almost as magical as the Fiat Strada was when they were hand made by robots, this playful re-imagining of a factory and Gucci’s makeover of the iconic Fiat 500 is practically screaming "fun fashion".

Production: Blink Productions

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