Exscuse me Fiat? You're showing off the Fiat 500's fantastic looks in the Gucci/Fiat ad, while in this Argentinian commercial for the Fiat Palio you're showing off .... human airbags. Yes, I groaned when I typed that, making that pun hurt me more than it hurt you. But the ad here hurts my brain. Fiat has now taught me that when my lover says he likes me natural and just the way I am, he is lying. Nice. Fiat, the car for dysfunctional couples best moments in life. I'd rather have the real down to earth Toyota moments a.k.a connections in life. Those moments are real. So I guess Fiat is a plastic car. Join me next week when I overanalyze a plate of beans.

Agency: Leo Burnett Argentina Client: Fiat Auto Argentina Product: New Fiat Palio Title: Surgery. ECD: Seto Olivieri CD: Dauquén Chabeldin AD: Hernán Cuñado Production manager: Federico Puricelli -- Sebastián Tarruella Production Company: Ursula Director: Lemon Executive producer: Adrián D'Amario General producer: Johanna Trosman Eagle eyes: Marto Otonello Music: SupercharangoPost-Production: Wolf